And Justice for All


Durham Dynamos

Front row, left to right: Benjamin N. Duke, Washington Duke, James B. Duke, Thomas Walker, Thomas P. Moore, J. S. Cobb, John C. Angier. Back row, left to right: Dr. Albert G. Carr, William A. Erwin, James E. Stagg, Frank P. Tate, Ed S. Yarbrough, C. E. Lemon, Frank L. Fuller.

The Durham Dynamos were a group of prominent businessmen, entrepreneurs, medical doctors, and public officials in turn-of-the-century Durham. The group consisted of such men as Duke family patriarch and tobacco magnate Washington Duke and his sons Benjamin and James B. Duke; Watts Hospital advocate and principal physician Dr. Albert G. Carr; namesake and manager of Erwin Mills, William Erwin; and North Carolina General Assembly representative Frank L. Fuller.

Durham Dynamos

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