And Justice for All


City Council

Julian Shakespeare Carr, 1865-1924
Mary D. B. T. Semans, Philanthropist and Activist
"Mary D. B. T. Semans, One of First Two Women to Serve on Durham City Council"
"R. Wensell “Wense” Grabarek, City Councilman and Mayor of Durham"
"Chester Jenkins, City Councilman and Mayor of Durham"
"Sylvia Kerckhoff, City Council Member and Mayor of Durham"
William V. “Bill” Bell, County Commissioner and Mayor
John C. Martin, Judge, North Carolina Court of Appeals
Rencher Nicholas “R. N.” Harris, First African American on the City Council and the Durham County Board of Education
Durham City Council with Rencher Nicholas "R. N." Harris, First African-American City Council Member